You must pack these this summer

The summer holiday you have been looking forward to for so long can quickly turn into a week of panic (over controlling your child’s behaviour), of constant battles with your kids to ensure they get some shade and erm… worry over what they can wear! 

Over at A baby on board, this precise problem was being discussed and a list of essential items were identified (that may not be so obvious to you)… So save this page, share it or scribble the list down on to a dried out wet wipe. You won’t want to go on holiday without them. 

Summer-themed books: Ideal for distraction, keeping them entertained and tempting them into the shade for a break from the sun (with an ice cream of course). 

Sunglasses: Just make sure they have proper uv protection. Amazon have a few available on prime which is always handy!

Suncream: This goes without saying but as it is so inportant, we have said  it. so there. And remember to always check the expiry daye if you aren’t buying new!

Headphones: whether your child has his/her own iPad/kindle or you allow him to borrow yours, headphones are a must for any long plane or coach journey.

Summer stripes: we arent completely convinced about number 5 but hey! If you are a fashion conscience parent then stripes are good this year! Now, have a great holiday!

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