worried about baby milestones?

Worried About Baby Milestones?

 The aim of milestone posts and web pages is to help you to understand what age you can expect your little boy or little girl achieve these ‘goals’ and to get an idea of how you can help him along his or her way! As parents we always want our babies to achieve their milestones at the right time, or even better, just before they are supposed to! And of course we worry about these milestones. There is nothing wrong with encouraging your little one to achieve these milestones and nothing can beat the moment when you witness him do something for the very first time!

What if my child doesn’t achieve these milestones?

Please remember that every child is an individual and what we are looking at here is the average. The average means that some will achieve these earlier and some will achieve them a little later. If your child is later than average at crawling, it does not mean he will be a late walker and at the same time, if your child is later than average when it comes to talking, it does not mean he won’t have a rich vocabulary by 3 years old. We all enjoy helping our baby to achieve their milestones and the development posts on this site are exactly about that; helping you to feel confident that you are doing something positive and pro active to encourage development, if you are concerned about your baby’s development you should always speak to your health visitor or GP…

Will my pre-mature baby achieve milestones on time?

A pre-mature baby’s development and milestones will be checked against her corrected age. For example, if your child was born 7 weeks early and she is now 27 weeks old, your GP or health visitor will be looking to see that your child has achieved or is close to achieving the milestones set for a 20 week old. If your baby was 9 weeks early, then the milestones would be checked for an 18 week old. This calculation is usually taken into account until your child is approximately 2 years old, although this is not a hard and fast rule. Most pre-mature babies meet their developmental milestones on or around their corrected age.

Where can I find a baby milestones chart?

milestones chart are a good resource

Milestones charts allow you to quickly view the expected progress and developmental stages of an average child from birth up to approximately 4 or  5 years old. They are usually split into 5 key categories: Social, Self-help, Gross motor, Fine motor and Language skills.  Above is a quick reference babymilestone chart for you.