Why do I worry so much about my sleeping newborn?

Every new parent worries about their newborn, even more so when she is asleep. Hopefully this post will help to alleviate your fears whilst maintaining the safety and health of your child.

I worry my baby will stop breathing

Newborns do not have regular breathing patterns so there may be occasions where you little one has what seems like a huge gap between breaths. In reality this is likely to be only a few more seconds gap than usual. Look out for the colour of your baby’s skin. If it is blue she may be having breathing difficulties and if she is red she may be overheating.

I worry about SIDS

Every parent worries about SIDS. The practice of creating a safe sleeping environment has been so successfully highlighted over the years we can’t help but worry. Follow the guidelines on both creating a safe sleep environment and the tog rating and temperature guide. Your baby should sleep in the same room as you for at least the first 6 months, this will also help to reassure you.

I wouldn’t know what to do…

A huge fear for all parents is that we find our children needing urgent medical help and we don’t know what to do. Be it choking, not breathing, convulsing or even bangs to their head or burns and cuts, we all know getting first aid trained is the right thing to do, the confidence it gives you when dealing with the above is immeasurable but more importantly, it could save your baby’s life. You can find out more about baby first aid from the British Red Cross