Which bath seat and when?

Bathing your baby is easy if you know how. Particularly if you are using the correct equipment to assist you. Here is a quick guide on which bath/bath seat to use and when:

It is likely you are going to need 2-3 bath seats (depending on your preference) as your baby grows. The first being for newborns, the 2nd for little babies who can’t yet sit and the third for those who can sit but still need a little support. No baby bath is designed for a child to be left alone, you must supervise your child at all times.

Newborn – Baby bath tub

The baby bath tub allows you to bathe your baby in the room of your choice, preferable one that is warm and with no draughts. It can be a little difficult to fill up and empty if you are on your own and can be a drowning hazard if you have other children in the house so ensure your routine doesn’t involve leaving a tub full of water unsupervised. It can be awkward holding your baby and washing him at the same time, particularly if you also need to lean over the sides if a bath, the baby bath tub allows you to place the bath on a raised surface for easier access. You must obviously check the surface is stable, not near anything electrical and the tub/baby is not at risk of falling. The baby bath tub will last for the first month or so. If you would prefer to bathe your little one in the bath, there are a number of products suitable for newborns, most notably the angelcare soft touch baby support.

1-4 months (or until sitting) – Soft mesh bather

There are a number of different mesh bathers, they attach to the base of your bath using suction cups and allow your child to lye at a comfortable angle with a good view of you and the bath water. Some come with raised sides and adjustable incline whilst some are simple and simply offer a comfortable place for baby to lye. Once your little one is able to roll over, you will have to be in your guard to make sure she doesn’t roll off, those with sides don’t offer that much protection against children who can roll so be sure to keep a hand on or near your baby at all times.

Once baby can sit up – A bath seat!

once your child is able to sit, he will be able to experience bath time from a whole new perspective, initially you may want to use a seat that surrounds your child to protect against falling. They are also secured to the base of your bath using suction cups and will have a recommended water level indicator. You can pick one up for around £20(ish) and it will last you longer than the two previously mentioned items. Some come with side support and a recline option if you have a particularly fussy prince or princess.

Personally I went for all 3 of the above, I chose the baby bath tub because it allowed me to bathe my newborn in our much warmer living room and include my older daughter in her little sisters bath time. Once my little one was old enough they shared a big bath together, firstly with the mesh bather, then the bath seat and then once she was sitting confidently and never tipping forwards or backwards, with nothing. Bath time is just as enjoyable now as it ever has been. Except for the washing hair bit.