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What is Nappy Rash? :- causes, cures and prevention

What is nappy rash? What causes nappy rash? And more importantly how can you prevent your baby getting nappy rash? And if your little one does get it, how do you treat it? All of that information can be found right here, do please read on…

What is nappy rash?

Nappy rash - red, lumpy spotsNappy rash is a common condition, most babies up to the age of 18 months will have had nappy rash at some point, usually between the age of 9-12 months. It causes your baby’s skin to become sore and irritated in and around the nappy area. There may be red patches on her bottom or the whole area may be red. Her skin may feel hot to touch and it could also have some pimples, blisters or spots.

What causes nappy rash?

Nappy rash is usually caused by your baby’s skin coming into contact with urine and faeces in her nappy. There are a number of other factors that can also cause it; baby wipes, diarrhoea or other illness, soap, detergent or bubble bath, rubbing or chafing and sensitive skin.

How can I avoid my baby getting nappy rash?

Prevention is much better than cure. By taking a few simple steps you can reduce the possibility of your baby getting nappy rash:

  • Change your babies nappy as soon as you can once you have noticed that it is wet or soiled. (Young babies need changing on average 10-12 times a day so don’t think you are being excessive).
  • Use a barrier cream on your baby’s bottom such as zinc or castor oil.
  • Allow your baby to have some ‘nappy off time’ for as long as you can and as often as is practical. The fresh air will help.
  • Ensure you clean the whole nappy area thoroughly.
  • Use plain warm water and wipe from front to back.

How can I treat nappy rash?

If your baby has nappy rash or you suspect your baby has it, you should firstly speak to your local pharmacist or health visitor for advice (as well as taking the above precautions), there are a number of over the counter nappy rash creams that can help, i have found the best over the counter nappy rash treatment to be Metanium. You should avoid using wet wipes during this period and ensure your baby’s bottom is fully dry before applying the cream and putting on the clean nappy. For severe cases, your GP will be able to prescribe a treatment. It is always helpful to have a recommendation from a health-care professional.

Do I need to see a doctor about my baby’s nappy rash?

If the rash doesn’t go away or it seems to be quite severe (bright red, spreading to the folds of her skin or white or red pimples etc) then it could be caused by an underlying health condition or bacterial infection. If this is the case, you should make an appointment to see your GP so that he/she can view your baby’s nappy rash and give personalised, suitable advice and treatments.

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  1. I don’t think any parent intends for their baby to get nappy rash. The fact that someone is reading this page probably tells you that they care about their baby and want good information. Not judgmental garbage. Nappy rash can be caused by teething. 🙂

  2. Parents should be very attentive to their children and not let this trouble appear. I remember when I was a young child (about 3yo. I really remember it) I had a little rash and it was very unpleasant and irritating. And I can’t see how parents let their children get rash, I think it’s irresponsibility. We must monitor our children’s health, because they will have the same attitude later on. Thank you for sharing this information! 🙂

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