This a an image of a 10 monmth old baby smiling in the crawling position

What age do babies crawl?

What age do babies crawl? The average age for babies to start crawling is between 7-10 months. Some crawl later than this and some don’t bother crawling at all – this is nothing to worry about, lots of babies skip crawling and of course go on to meet or even beat other developmental milestones. Before your baby crawls, he must first master the art of sitting up without any help.

What age do babies crawl? This shows an 8 month old holding her body weight on all fours, learning to crawlOnce he is able to do this the next step is to spend lots of time on all fours, to be able to crawl his arms and legs need to be strong enough to hold his body weight (in the crawling position) and his neck muscles developed enough to enable him to lift his head up and look around whilst in this position

  • The physical act of crawling will begin with a rocking motion whilst in this ‘all fours’ position.
  • It is not unusual for babies to first learn how to crawl backwards.
  • At around 8-10 months, you will find he will most likely be able to go from a sitting position to a crawling position and back again, he may have developed his own style of crawling by this age too.
  • By 12 months old most babies will have mastered the art of crawling; this is when they can move one arm and the opposite leg at the same time. It is then that he will be speeding around the floor.
  • If you haven’t done so already, I strongly recommend that you look at childproofing your home.
  • If you are worried that your little one hasn’t shown any signs of wanting to crawl or you are worried about his development at any age, you should see your health visitor and discuss this with them, they will be able to give you information and advice based on your individual circumstances.

This is a picture of a 8 month old baby in the crawling position. The baby has blue eyes and a cheeky look on her face

  • It is thought that the back to sleep campaign to reduce SIDS has slightly delayed the average crawling age, the reason for this being that newborns don’t tend to spend as much time on their tummies as they did before the back to sleep campaign began in 1994 (now called the safe to sleep campaign).

What are the different styles of crawling?

There are 5 main different styles of crawling:

  • Army– He uses his arms and legs at the same time in a crawling motion but his body is in continuous contact with the floor.
  • Inchworm– This technique involves momentarily entering the crawling position before lurching forwards onto his tummy.
  • Bum shuffle – Whilst sitting on the floor, your little one will lean forwards, place his hands flat on the floor, support his own weight and shuffle forwards on his bum.
  • Bear– Only hands and feet are in contact with the floor as he manoeuvres around your house.
  • Standard– Your little ones hands, knees, feet and possibly shins are in contact with the floor as he simultaneously moves his arms and legs, effortlessly moving around the house.
  • As a rough guide, it is said that around 21% of babies bum shuffle and almost 50% of babies initially army crawl or use the inchworm technique.

It is just as common for babies to have just one or two crawling styles or to progress through each of them. Either way she will be absolutely revelling in her new found mobility. When babies learn new skills, they don’t necessarily forget the old ones, so don’t panic if one day she is crawling in the standard position and the next she is crawling like a bear or doing an army crawl – this is completely normal and doesn’t mean that your baby isn’t progressing.

Try to capture as many videos and pictures as you can, they spend such a short period of their lives crawling and it goes so quick, once they start walking, they won’t be spending very much time on all fours if they can help it!

What age did your baby crawl? What style did he adopt? Are you still waiting or did he not crawl at all? Please share your stories in the comments section.

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    1. A lot of babies skip crawling so it’s not something you should worry about. Your health visitor/gp may ask if your baby has started crawling as it is a good guide on how he/she is developing.

  1. Mine is 1 at the moment, she doesn’t really enjoy it on her front, she has done some backward crawling but to me it looks like she is going to go straight into walking, she has already taken a few steps on her own but just wants to hold your hand and walk everywhere at the moment. So doubt very much she is going to crawl properly at all.

  2. Mine started on on fours at 7 months, then spent 2 months rocking and going backwards before managing forward crawling at 9 months. As soon as he was crawling he was pulling himself up, so didn't crawl for long before walking.

    1. I was watching a video on my phone the other day of my little girl learning to crawl. She literally went the length of the room – in reverse. So cute! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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