Tog Rating System – duvets for kids

The tog rating system was designed to describe the thermal resistance of a duvet. This means how much warmth from your body it is able to retain. The higher the tog rating, the more warmth it is able to retain. Traditionally, people would have a summer duvet and a winter duvet but most seem to prefer the all season duvets, these are generally 10.5 tog – 13.5 tog.

If you have 2 people in your bed, you are likely to need a lower tog duvet (perhaps 10.5) as the heat from 2 people will increase the amount of warmth that the duvet can ‘trap’. If you are bed sharing with your baby then you should never use a duvet, if you are thinking of buying a duvet for your baby, then you need to know the following…

Can my baby have a duvet?

Duvets should not be given to children under one year of age, this is because they are unable to kick it off (or slip out if it). If they get too hot they may end up overheating and overheating is considered to be a factor in SIDS cases. If your baby is over one year of age and you would like him to have a duvet, I would recommend buying a hypoallergenic duvet and having at least two 100% cotton covers. Please take note of my advice on which tog duvet to use for children.

You may prefer baby sleeping bags as there is no risk of your baby slipping under the cover and your baby can’t wriggle out of it, this means that he is less likely to wake up due to feeling a bit cold. Sleeping bags are also helpful if you are staying overnight somewhere as your baby will recognise his own sleeping bag and feel comforted by it.

What tog duvet is suitable for young children?

A lighter duvet is recommended for young children because the duvets are able to trap more air around their smaller bodies which results in them feeling warmer than what an adult would. The ideal tog value for duvets for children over one year of age and under 10 is between 3 tog and 9 tog. You can find more information on duvets for children from this duvets for children buying guide