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Withings WiFi Smart Baby Video Monitor for Android or iOS

The Withings Smart Baby Video Monitor is compatible with your iOS or android device allowing you to monitor your baby from anywhere in the world with your iphone, iPad, iPod touch, kindle fire and many more! You can connect to the camera over WiFi and 3G/4G and set up alerts for temperature, humidity, sounds and movement. The app also allows you to talk back, play lullabies, pan and zoom! The Withings smart baby wifi baby video monitor really does do it all.

Set up
Setting up the Withings Smart Baby Video Monitor is simple and hassle free. The instructions are in plain English and easy to follow with a good troubleshooting guide. In brief you pretty much connect to the camera via Bluetooth and you are prompted to do the rest.
The camera can connect to your internet connection through an Ethernet cable or wifi. It is also possible to connect via Bluetooth. It is recommended that whilst at home you connect to your camera via wifi. As long as your android or iOS device is connected to the internet (through wifi or 3G/4G) then you will be able to view your baby and access/control some amazing features.
Picture Quality
The 3 megapixel camera transmits high quality digital video to your iphone, iPad or android device in real time. He wide angled lens allows you to easily view your baby’s sleeping environment and surroundings without having to adjust the position the camera is facing, in fact, all you need to do us attach it to the end of the cot and you are guaranteed a perfect view of your little one. The camera automatically switches to night mode and the picture quality is very clear.
The smart video monitor simply has it all but, the thing I love about this camera is its ability to be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world (as long as your phone/tablet has an internet connection. Here is a list of the features you can control from anywhere:

  • Zoom in: Simply pinch your touchscreen to zoom in on your sleeping Angel.
  • Tilt and pan: slide your finger up and down or left and right and you can easily view your baby’s surroundings for absolute peace if mind.
  • Talk back: Late night at the office? Away on business? Wish your baby goodnight through the video monitor and comfort her in the night with the talk back function.
  • Play lullabies: Select from a list of seven lullabies to play to your baby and have it timed to fade out as your baby doses off.
  • Listen in: No matter where you are, even if you have closed the app, you are able to hear your baby in crystal clear digital quality sound.
  • Monitor the atmosphere: As you know, it is important your baby doesn’t overheat or get too cold, it is simple to monitor the ambient room temperature and humidity levels and set up alerts if they get too high or too low
  • Tailor made alerts:As well as temperature and humidity alerts, you can also set up alerts to warn you about sleep disruption problems and motion detector alerts if your child shows xtensive fidgeting patterns….
  • Create a glow: Make a rainbow, turn the lights up or fade them out once your baby is ready to settle down.
  • The Withings smart video baby monitor combines the power of your smart phone/tablet with the best features from existing video monitors resulting in a stylish, easy to use, convenient monitor that enables you to check on your baby and her environment from anywhere in the world. Check out a quick round up of real customer reviews:

    Good Points

  • App is very intuitive and has some nice features
  • Set up is easy and fast, had it working in 5 minutes.
  • The best bit is the product keeps getting better with new firmware updates.
  • Really impressed by temperature and humidity sensors
  • Well-designed, intuitive, easy to set up, and better than any of the baby monitors I’ve had so far.
  • Negative Points

  • the price!
  • Who is it good for?

    This is an all singing all dancing wifi video baby monitor, this is for you if you want to use either your iOS device or android device to monitor your little one and really want the added extras of being able to talk back and monitor temperature and humidity. If these aren’t essential to you, it may be worth considering the BabyPing, however, this feature list will be pretty hard to beat!

    Buy the Withings Smart Baby Monitor

    Features and Specifications

  • 3-megapixel high definition video sensor: 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • Intuitive camera with angle adjustment and zoom x4 via virtual PTZ
  • Wide angle shot: 90° horizontally, 120° diagonally
  • LED infrared night vision up to five meters with automatic activation system
  • Dual input microphone, 16 bit sound sampling at 44.1 kHz, AAC 32 kbit/s encoding
  • Detects movement and noises
  • Adjustable alert levels for noise, movement, temperature and humidity
  • Sends alerts via Apple Push Notification
  • History available from within the WithBaby app
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz/ Bluetooth 2.1 EDR/ Ethernet 10-100 Mbit/s
  • Buy the Withings Smart Baby Monitor

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    BabyPing lots of awards

    BabyPing Wi-Fi Baby Video Monitor for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

    At last a wifi video monitor compatible with my iPhone and iPad! The BabyPing Wi-Fi Baby Video Monitor is used with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it is the next generation of video baby monitors. You can easily view your child at any time time of day, from anywhere, using your iOS device. All you need is a wifi, 3G or 4G Internet connection. You do not need a separate monitor or to turn your pc on, you do not need a charging dock and you do not need to worry about loss of signal – it even works with wifi range extenders. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you can view your baby with ease.
    Rest assured, setting up this video monitor is easy and the support available from BabyPing is second to none should you require assistance. There are five easy steps to set this up:

    • Download the BabyPing app to your iOS device (no need to open the app just yet).
    • Using the network cable provided, plug one end into your router and one into the camera.
    • Plug the camera in and turn it on
    • Ensure your iOS device is connected to your wifi (not 3G or 4G)
    • Open the BabyPing app on your iOS device, this will find the connected camera and automatically set it up for you. The Baby Ping will now work with your wireless network.

    Night vision example picture of BabyPingOnly devices that are connected to your wireless internet network have access to view the monitor, for additional security you can add password protection. If you would like access through 3G or 4G, you will need the readily downloadable BabyPing+ app and must create a password. The great thing about this is you can give the password to friends and family should you wish – this is particularly helpful if you have a family member living overseas. As an admin user you are able to view the log in times and dates of other members and revoke access should you wish. Once you are connected and your app is up and running, there is nothing else you have to do, in fact, the app continues to run in the background so should you need to be made aware of something (such as your baby crying or a connection problem), this will pop up as a notification on your iOS device.

    BabyPing continuously works in the backgroundThe BabyPing camera is mains powered only so you never have to worry about replacing or recharging batteries, you shouldn’t have any problems locating a nearby plug socket as the cable length is 3 metres long. The built in high definition microphone can be set so you hear every murmur, movement, gurgle and cry or can be adjusted using built in ‘smart filter’ technology to enable only sounds above a set volume to register. Unlike other video or audio baby monitors, there is no background noise. The images are crystal clear thanks to the high definition camera and even the automatic night vision has a clarity and definition which is beyond that offered by standard video monitors, I am really pleased to see that no light is emitted around the lens when in night vision mode (as is the case with most video monitors) – switching automatically to night vision will not disturb your sleeping baby. And of course it is not just your baby who shouldn’t be disturbed unnecessarily, the app, which is constantly connected and continuously running in the background allows you to choose how you want to be notified of such alerts with options of a silent alert or vibration alert available. It was only a matter of time before something this good was made available for iOS users. Baby Ping have kept everything that is great about video monitors and made it better. Here’s some feedback from customers:

    Good Points

    • The image quality is brilliant even in the night vision mode
    • I’ve been able to give access to the camera to my mum who lives overseas
    • If one of us goes to bed and the other stays up we can both watch the baby on our iPhones and/or iPad
    • Superb picture quality and very sensitive to noise.
    • The design has an Apple device feel to it and the set up is very straight forward
    • I was amazed by the simplicity of the set up process.
    • Read more reviews…

    Negative Points

    • You can not buy a standalone monitor to go with it, but the app does run in the background of your iPhone/iPad etc so it’s not too important
    • It doesn’t have talk back or a built in room thermometer.

    What’s in the Box?contents in the box of BabyPing

    • BabyPing Monitor
    • Monitor stand
    • 3m Power supply
    • 2m iDevice extension power cable
    • 1m Network cable
    • Allen key
    • Pack of cable clips
    • Attachable rubber feet
    • Mounted screws

    For the technically mindedHow the Baby Ping works

    • Monitor:
      310,000 Pixel 1/4″ CMOS lens.
      60°(H) 45°(V) viewing angle.
      30fps @ 640×480 resolution. Built-in microphone.
    • Night Vision:
      30 invisible infrared LEDs with viewing distance of 10m.
    • Network Connections:
      Ethernet and Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b/g/n).
    • Wi-Fi Security:
      WEP (64/128 bit), WPA-PSK (AES/TKIP), WPA2-PSK (AES/TKIP).
    • Mains Operated Power:
      100-240V AC. 3m power supply
      with UK/US/EU attachments
    • Power Consumption:
    • Monitor Weight: 150g.
    • Dimensions: 85mm x 85mm x 30mm.

    Manufacturers Product Description

    product features of Baby PingBabyPing is a high quality video baby monitor for use with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, allowing parents to utilise the latest technology to see and hear their baby 24/7 through a secure, interference-free, wireless WiFi. Combining a Wi-Fi video and audio device, our free dedicated app, and the power of the Apple iOS devices, parents can now enjoy using a functional sleek product that fits in to their lifestyle. BabyPing isn’t designed to just watch your baby occasionally, BabyPing is the first device designed to reassure and give confidence in replacing old-style monitors with the latest modern, safe, technology.

    Who is it good for?

    BabyPing with baby on iphone screenIf you have an iOS device and you are looking for a video baby monitor, this really could be for you. It doesn’t monitor the room temperature or have a talk back function (which I can honestly say I never used) but that really isn’t as big a deal as it sounds. Step into the future and monitor your baby whilst you watch love film or catch up on some emails. The fact you can view this whilst away from home (think date night, a long day at work or distant relatives) is a real selling point for me. If you have an iOS device you quite often use in the evenings, don’t clutter your house with a standard video baby monitor, parent unit and charger dock. You just don’t need to anymore!

    Buy the BabyPing Wi-Fi Baby Video Monitor for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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    Summer infant secure picture me monitor and camera

    Summer Infant Secure Picture Me Digital Video Monitor

    The Summer Infant Secure Picture Me Digital Video Monitor is impressive. It is a new design when compared to most, or should I say all video monitors available to date. The parent unit looks more like a digital photo frame than a monitor screen and can in fact be used for this purpose.

    Summer infant secure picture me monitor and cameraThe secure picture me is security encrypted, has a range of 100 metres and a large 3.5″ monitor screen, i have not seen any reports of poor reception. The images are clear and vivid and the night vision is good quality as is the sound. This video monitor is ready to go straight from the box, you quite literally plug the camera in, plug the parent unit in (UK and EU plugs included), position the camera and you are good to go. The camera has a tilt facility and can be wall mounted or placed on a flat surface so you shouldn’t have any problems finding the ideal place to view your baby’s cot.
    You have the option of buying two additional cameras so is great if you have twins or a quickly expanding family! The feature I love the most is the ability to take screenshots of your baby direct from live viewing and store them on the parent unit, this can then be used as a digital photo frame when not in use as a monitor screen – up to ten pictures can be stored for this purpose. You will love switching this onto the photo frame view during the day particularly when you have visitors. Now everyone can see how cute your baby is when he/she is asleep!


    • Record and play photo images of you baby to share with friends and family
    • Stores up to 10 pictures on first in first out basis
    • Colour 3.5″ LCD Screen
    • Night Vision in black and white
    • Option of up to two additional cameras
    • Camera Scanning
    • Sound only option
    • Sound Light – Visual LED traffic lights capture babys every sound
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Table Top or Wall Mounted
    • UK and EU plugs included

    Good Points

    • Video quality is decent, and is obviously designed to work well in very low light
    • Literally just plug it in and go
    • Long cable so easy to move parent unit around
    • Easy to alter sound and brightness etc
    • The whole device is very simple to use
    • The monitor signal goes through the thick stone walls and we get a very clear picture.
    • The additional thermometer is very useful.
    • Captures even slightest voice vibrations in baby’s room.
    • Sound is perfectly clear and it has a great lighting function which goes from green to red depending on the noise level

    Negative Points

    • The only negative point I could find was cosmetic based but even this was forgiven once the unit was turned on and working, “the whole product looks like a toy with a odd webcam (when unboxing) so my fears were growing, however, that changed when,I turned it on. The picture quality is very nice and its night vision is very good”.

    Who is it good for?

    Summer infant additional camera
    I recommend the Summer Infant Secure Picture Me Digital Video Monitor for parents who don’t need their monitor screen to be portable, perhaps if you just plan to use it in your living area of an evening and take to bed with you at night. I know you will love the idea of taking a few pictures of your sleeping baby and displaying them to visitors during the day.

    Buy the Summer Infant Secure Picture Me Digital Video Monitor


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    motorola video monitor compares well

    Compare Video Baby Monitors

    motorola video monitor compares wellCompare video baby monitors and all of the best features to enable you to buy the product that suits you!

    If you haven’t already read my buyers guide then I suggest you do, it will help you to identify which features are important to you and which you could do without (particularly if it will save you money), you can then use this comparison table to see which monitor best suits your personal needs. Simply click on the title (e.g. screen size) and the list will be ordered from minimum to maximum, click on it again and it will show in reverse order (maximum to minimum).

    Compare the best features of the best selling and most popular Digital Video Baby Monitors
    ProductMax Signal Range (metres)Screen SizeRoom temperature displayZoomPanTiltAdditional CamerasCharging DockPrice (at time of posting)
    BT 1000300 (50 indoors)2.8"YesYesNoYes4 max.No£99.99
    Motorola MBP332002.8"YesYesNoNo4 max.No£109.99
    Motorola MBP362003.5"YesYesYesYes4 max.No£139.99
    Summer Infant1203.5"YesYesYesYes4 maxYes£119.46
    Angelcare AC11202002.8"YesYesYesNoNoYes£129.51

    (If you turn your tablet/smartphone sideways, the table will become easier to view).

    Best video baby monitor buyers guide image - angelcare monitor with buyers guide written across it

    Best Video Baby Monitor: A Buyers Guide

    I am here to guide you through your options and help you to make a buying decision that suits you. This information will help you to choose the best video baby monitor

    picture of the best video baby monitor, the angelcare ac1120When looking to buy a video baby monitor you obviously want a model that is reliable, it also needs to be suitable for your requirements and within your price range. It is important that you prioritise the features that you feel are best suited to your needs and choose your monitor based on these. Once you have whittled down your choices, your final decision on which model to buy can then be based on either your budgetary requirements or by comparing any additional features that may be of benefit. A good video baby monitor does exactly what you want it to do, the best video monitors do just that plus a little more. I would recommend reading through this list of features and choosing 2-3 (max) must have features. You can then use the comparison table to help you to identify the model that is best suited to your requirements.

    What are the main features that I need to consider?

    The main features that you need to consider when researching products are:

    RangeSignal Range Icon

    Every video baby monitor has a recommended maximum signal range (the furthest distance the monitor can be from the camera), these vary from model to model and can also differ depending upon the thickness of your walls any other physical obstructions that may between the two units. If you have experienced signal problems in the past with previous baby monitors or with other wireless digital devices (wireless digital tv transmitters) then you may want to consider looking for a video monitor with a much greater signal range than what you actually require, the same should be said if the parent unit (monitor screen) and nursery unit (camera) are separated by more than a couple of walls (such as if you are in a town house or in a particularly large house). During the summer months you may want to relax in the garden in the evenings, if this is the case then signal range should be high on your list of priorities. The signal range of popular digital video baby monitors is between 150-300 metres.

    Screen sizeIphone 5 image to demonstrate 3.5

    Bigger doesn’t always necessarily mean better but it does usually mean more expensive. There are generally 2 sizes of LCD monitor screen available at present, these are 2.8″ or 3.5″. As a rough guide, the iPhone has a 3.5″ inch screen. My personal opinion is that as long as the screen is clear enough for me to see my baby on it then I am not too worried what the physical size of the screen is (2.8″ is plenty big enough).

    Room temperature display

    In the past there have been accuracy problems with these readings as the heat generated from the camera resulted in a false reading. If you are going to rely on your monitor for temperature readings then you should look specifically at user reviews both positive and negative to determine if any accuracy problems have already been identified, if however, you are going to use or are using a separate room thermometer then you can put this feature to one side and prioritise other factors that will help you get the most out of your video monitor.

    ZoomZoom in image icon

    This feature is useful if you have the whole bed in view but aren’t able to see close up features such as if your baby’s eyes are closed. The zoom function is digital rather than optical so may result in some pixelation if used to the maximum level. A monitor with zoom doesn’t always have the pan option but a camera with pan always has zoom.

    Pan and tilt

    I love the pan option and feel that this will be a standard feature on new models (not just the best ones). Panning means being able to move the direction the camera is facing, you will need this feature if your baby tends to move around in her bed quite a bit, if you would also like to be able to view your baby/toddler during the day (such as when he/she is playing) then you should be looking for a camera that has a 360 degree pan to guarantee the largest coverage. There is also a tilt option on some cameras, this is handy if you have you have your camera positioned against the same wall as your baby’s bed and at such an angle that the whole the bed isn’t in full view (pan wouldn’t help as you need to move the camera up and down rather than left to right). Consider where your baby’s bed is positioned and where you would like the camera to be positioned, wall mounting is always the best option for fully utilising both the pan and tilt features.

    Additional camerasAdditional camera for MBP36

    If you have twins then this would be essential, if you are thinking of having another baby (or are considering this possibility) in the near future then it is definitely worth having this feature near the top of your essentials list. When looking to buy video monitors that have the option to add additional cameras (usually up to 3 additional but sometimes 2), check the viewing options of these, some are able to be viewed in split screen mode, some scan the cameras for a set period of time and some spring into life when a noise is picked up. It is always worth doing your research and thinking about what would best suit you if you are planning on using additional monitors.

    Viewing options

    As well as being able to view the video on the monitor screen, there are options available that allow you to also watch on your tv, on your laptop etc and also on additional monitors.

    Power options

    All necessary power cables and rechargeable batteries are supplied. LCD monitor screens can also be battery operated (for portability) and some camera have the option to be battery powered. The most common function when in portable mode is to have a 5 minute viewing period each time the view option is manually selected. This is to save battery power. Battery life can vary and will dramatically decrease if permanently used in video mode.


    All monitors are designed with ease of use in mind, the buttons are easy to press and menus should be easy to navigate. There are also touch screen monitors available if you would prefer. The position of the volume button is something that you may want to consider – for some you have to navigate the menu whilst others have physical volume buttons.

    Charging Dock

    This really comes down to ease of use, consider where you are going to place it and if it will be difficult to reach for the appropriate power cable each time you need to charge it/plug it in for the night. A charging dock makes life that little bit easier for busy, tired parents.

    If you are still unsure as to which monitor to buy, check out my comparison table and best baby video monitor reviews