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The Pros and Cons of Changing Tables

If you think a changing table is a necessity, think again. However, it does have its advantages, mostly being comfort for you. This post looks at the pros and cons of changing tables.

There are a few different types of changing tables available, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The three main types are freestanding, over the cot and fold away. The freestanding changing tables are a furniture unit on their own, they often have 2 or 3 shelves for storage and come in a variety of styles, these are generally the most expensive. The over the cot changers simply secure to the sides of your baby’s cot or cot bed, it makes them much easier to store and doesn’t take up additional room in your littlest ones nursery. There are 2 different types of fold away tables, one which is fixed to the wall and folds up out of sight (much like the ones you get in public changing rooms) and the other can be fully folded up and stored away. Now you have a brief outline of your choices, let’s take a look at the generic pros and cons:


  • You have a designated area at home that is strictly for changing nappies, your baby will come to recognise this.
  • You can carefully store all nappy changing equipment in one place.
  • It will, without a doubt save your back – it is much easier than bending over or being on your knees.
  • On some models you can also place a baby bath on it, making those early baths much easier on your back too.
  • Cons

  • They are not cheap – you shouldn’t really use a changing table once your child is able to roll over so you don’t really have that much time to get your money’s worth.
  • They can take up a lot of room – depending on the model, you may find you can make better use of the space in your child’s nursery.
  • The products can be a bit too easily accessible – once your little one starts grabbing at things you will have to move your nappy changing products to a higher shelf or off the changing unit altogether.
  • I hope this has helped you decide on whether you need a changing table/changing unit and also on which type of model best suits you if you do want one. Let me know what you decide!