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Motorola MBP33 Digital Video Monitor

The Motorola MBP33 Digital Video Monitor with 2.8 Inch Colour LCD Screen is Motorola MBP33 Digital video monitor with lcd colour screeneverything you would expect from a brand like Motorola, the mobile phone giants and Binatone have excelled again in designing the MBP33 Digital Video Monitor.

First and foremost, lets look at the picture quality; in day mode the camera transmits a clear, colour picture to the 2.8 inch LCD monitor screen and there is no noticeable delay between real life and you being able to view it, the quality is such that you can easily see particular details such as the all important question – “Are my baby’s eyes closed?” There is also the option to remotely zoom in by pressing the zoom button on your monitor screen; one idea would be to set the camera position up in full zoom mode so that you are able to see your baby in her normal sleeping position and use the zoom out function if she has rolled out of view. With that said, you may love the fact that you can zoom in to your little one for a closer look and want to save the zoom function for that purpose. In night time mode the camera will automatically switch to using the infra red functionality so there is nothing you physically have to do to enable this (bar having the unit turned on). The picture quality in infra red mode is as clear as you can expect from a night vision camera and is certainly clear enough to be able to see your baby’s movements and to tell if she is safe, asleep and breathing (the 3 main reasons we want video monitors).

The MBP33 also has the other features that I would expect from a modern, digital monitor; the talk back function is clear and easy to use and the room temperature of your child’s room is also displayed on the parent unit. The parent unit comes supplied with rechargeable batteries that are charged up each time you plug the power cable in, if you are using the monitor in portable mode (battery powered) then it will act as a standard audio monitor until you select the camera view button. The reason for this is to ensure the batteries don’t run down too quickly – the video will be live for 5 minutes before reverting back to audio mode. if you want the video option on permanently then simply take the power cord into the same room as you, otherwise, use it in portable mode and simply select when you want to watch it; if you hear some noises through the monitor simply press a button to see what’s going on. It couldn’t be simpler.

There doesn’t seem to be any problem with interference from or interfering with wireless Internet connections and the range of the signal is 200 metres; if you are out of range you will be advised by means of an audible alarm. There are 2 additional functions that separate this unit from others, one really pleases me and the other I fear is a bit of a gimmick; as well as the talk back function there is also an option to play polyphonic lullabies to your baby by pressing this option on your monitor screen, this may work if you condition your baby to be soothed by loud polyphonic tones in the middle of the night but, personally, It’s not something that appeals to me. It’s a nice idea but one which I feel needs to be improved upon before it becomes a must have feature. The 2nd additional function is security I hadn’t ever considered security in the past when looking to buy a video monitor but, now that the option is there I think it is something worth considering when comparing products; the last thing you want is someone nearby picking up your signal and being able to listen to and talk to/wake up your baby (the most likely case of this happening is if someone else has the same monitors within range). The sound is encrypted on these monitors so there is absolutely no danger of that happening here.

These Motorola MBP33 Video Monitor is secure and reliable with no reception problems noted and a good, clear picture in both day and night mode. Motorola/Binatone are a trusted manufacturer and this product will give you great peace of mind at a very competitive price.

What is good about the Motorola MBP33?

  • Option to add an additional 3 cameras and one extra parent unit
  • Excellent picture quality in both day and night mode
  • Good sound sensitivity with adjustable volume control
  • Encrypted audio signal
  • Fantastic range
  • Remote zoom function

What could be improved about the MBP33?

  • It would be fantastic if this could pan around the room¬†

MBP33 Digital video monitor has many features as explained hereWhat is in the box?

  • 1 x Parent unit
  • 1x Baby unit
  • 1x User guide
  • 1x Quick start guide
  • 2 x Rechargeable batteries (for parent unit)
  • Power adapter for parent unit and baby unit

Product Features

  • Zoom Functionality: Control the MBP33’s camera remotely to zoom the video image as needed.
  • Five Lullabies Built In: Lull your baby to sleep with one of five polyphonic lullabies programmed into the MBP33.
  • Data Encryption for Security
  • Sound-Activated LED Alerts
  • Up to 200 Metre Range with “Out-of-Range” Warning

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