A sick cgild is being cuddled by his mum who has the mebbys mothers touch on her hand, she is comforting him and getting an accurate temperature reading at the same time

Mebby Mothers Touch Forehead/Room Thermometer

This is a picture of a product called Mebbys forehead and room temperature thermometer, it shows the product in white displaying a digital reading of 36.4 degrees celciusAs the name suggests, the Mebby Mothers Touch Forehead/Room Thermometer is 2 products in 1. Its primary function is an easy to use digital forehead thermometer, it is different to any forehead thermometer I have ever seen, you simply slip your finger through the band on the rear of the unit and gently place it on your little ones head, it has been designed to make reading your baby’s temperature as easy and pain free as possible for the both of you. If you are considering buying a forehead thermometer then I would recommend this neat little piece of kit. It only takes 6 seconds to produce an accurate reading, gives an audible alarm if your child’s temperature is too high, displays the last recorded reading when you turn it on as well as well as the ambient room temperature. If you are thinking of buying this purely for its secondary function (ambient room temperature thermometer) then I would bear in mind that the whole purpose of this design is to make reading your baby’s body temperature easy, it will probably serve you well as a spare (or as a ‘just to double check’ room thermometer) or one to give to the Grandparents for overnight stays/take on holiday with you but as far as room thermometers go, there are plenty more to choose from. However, for its main purpose, to read your baby’s body temperature, I would recommend it. You can rest assured that you will own an accurate, easy to use, digital thermometer that gives you great peace of mind and has been designed with the comfort of your baby in mind, when your baby isn’t feeling too well, the chances are she is going to be tired and sensitive and the smallest thing will upset her and make her cry, it can often be a battle trying to give your little one medicine 3-4 times a day as well as checking her temperature regularly. Mebby Mothers Touch helps to make that part easier on the both of you, all that is needed is a slight caress of your baby’s head and you instantly have an accurate temperature reading.

Good Points

  • Small and portable
  • easy to use
  • Produces a reading quicker than most other thermometers out there
  • Can be used to measure the room temperature too
  • designed to make taking your baby’s temperature easy

Negative Points

  • Not designed to be left on all night as a room thermometer

Side view of the mebbys mothers touch thermometer, it shows the band in which your finger goes through to be able to hold it properly

What is in the box?

  • Mother’s Touch Thermometer with finger band
  • Instruction manual

Product Features

  • last reading memory
  • fever alert
  • room temperature display

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