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How to stop kids getting car sick

“I wonder how to stop kids getting car sick” I wondered as I forced the boot down, squashing the buggy, suitcases, bag of snacks and loose towels (cleverly stuffed in to every possible spare bit of space). I opened the boot again, took the bag of snacks out and put┬áthem on the back seat. That’s better. Now, what if one of my kids get car sick?

According to a recent on line poll of 2000 parents by car insurance giant, it only takes around 22 minutes for the symptoms of car sickness to begin, not good if you have a long drive ahead of you. So, how can you stop kids getting car sick? The use of video games/iPads is a recent favourite but they are in fact blamed for worsening the symptoms (although they do serve as a temporary distraction), two thirds of kids suffer from car sickness; that is a lot of vomit covered interiors and unplanned stop offs….

Luckily we survived the 4 hour journey to Devon. Here are the top 10 tips for beating car sickness as voted for by real parents, are they practical? You decide….

Top 10 tips for beating car sickness

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  • Open the window
  • Anti sickness medicine (not for me thanks!)
  • Get them to sit in the front (again, not for me- safer in the back)
  • Get them to avoid looking down/reading (easier said than done)
  • Get them to take a nap (isn’t that our wish for every long journey anyway?)
  • Get them to sit in a window seat
  • Get them to close their eyes
  • Get them to gaze at the horizon
  • Put on music to take attention away from feeling sick
  • Get them to take deep breaths
  • Get them to wear an acupressure wristband
  • Get them to sit on the middle seat
  • Get them to sit on brown paper

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  1. Parents voted to sit them on brown paper? Seriously? How does that stop your kid getting car sick?

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