Bottle, formula powder and a scoop

How much formula milk does my baby need?

How much formula milk your baby needs can easily be worked out using a simple formula; your baby needs approximately 150-200 ml of formula milk per day per kg of your baby’s weight. I have made this easy for you to work out;  my quick formula feeding quantity guide below. (Please note that this is a guide only, you should always feed your baby when she seems hungry and have her weighed regularly to check her progress).

Formula fed baby finishing last drop of recommended amount of formula milkThis formula milk quantity guide applies only after your baby is over one week old and is valid until you begin weaning her.

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Baby's WeightNumber of feeds per dayAmount of milk needed per dayAmount of milk to be offered per bottle
3kg / 6lb 10oz6450 - 600 ml75 - 100 ml
3kg / 6lb 10oz7450 - 600 ml65 - 85 ml
3kg / 6lb 10oz8450 - 600 ml55 - 75ml
4kg / 8lb 13oz5600 - 800 ml120 - 160 ml
4kg / 8lb 13oz6600 - 800 ml100 - 135 ml
4kg / 8lb 13oz7600 - 800 ml85 - 115 ml
5kg / 11lb5750 - 1000 ml150 - 200 ml

You will also find a formula quantity guide on the side of your packet of infant formula milk. Bear in mind that your baby’s appetite can vary from feed to feed and from day to day. You should never force feed your baby, even if there is only a little bit of milk left. If you would like to work out how much formula your baby might need for a weight that is not listed above, multiply his weight in kg by either 150(minimum) or 200(maximum), this gives you the amount of recommended formula milk per day for your baby’s weight. To then work out how much milk he will need per bottle, divide this amount by the number of feeds he has in a day. This gives you the recommended amount of formula milk per bottle feed for your baby’s current weight.