Help! My baby is a cone head

Following a vaginal delivery it is not unusual for a newborns head to be slightly elongated. In fact, the bones inside your little ones skull are intentionally moveable, without this, it would be almost impossible to give birth naturally.

How long will it last

The elongated or cone shaped head caused by a vaginal delivery usually returns to a traditional head shape after around 48 hours. There is nothing you need to do to encourage this, it happens completely naturally. As well as the bone structure being mobile and allowing the skull to change shape, it may also be that your newborn has some slight swelling on the top of her head, this again is completely normal and is caused by fluids being squeezed towards the scalp during a natural delivery. This too will resolve itself within 48 hours.

What if it lasts longer than 48 hours

If after 48 hours you notice some lumps on the top of your baby’s skull, it may be that a collection of blood is present between your baby’s skull and the lining. This is known as cephalohematoma. It usually presents itself on day two and lasts for around 3 months, it isn’t something that needs to be treated or anything to worry about but is always worth mentioning to your health visitor, even if it’s just for additional reassurance.

My opinion: Whilst pregnant you are more than likely imagining a beautiful looking, perfect little boy or girl and it can be a shock when you see a bruised, bloody, cone head baby in front of you. Do not worry as this is completely normal, if you are concerned what people think then you should remind yourself that anyone who has given birth will not only know this is temporary but will probably have expected your newborn to look like this. Your baby is amazing and perfect and beautiful.