This is how the gro egg will arrive when you buy it, it is in a rectulanger brown box with a picture of the product on the front

Gro-Egg Room Thermometer

This shows a gro-egg room thermometer at 65 degrees farenheit, it is situated inside a baby's bedroom and is lit up in the dark

This Gro Egg room thermometer started life as a Gro-Bag Egg and was developed further into what is now known as the Gro Egg thermometer, it is now more accurate than ever before (there were a few problems with the accuracy of the earlier model); I have tested the temperature reading against several other thermometers and they all consistently measure within 0.2degrees of each other so I see absolutely no accuracy problems at all with the gro egg. Personally, this is my baby room thermometer of choice, the reason I love it is that it ticks all of the boxes; it is accurate, it is digital and it is easy to read, but best of all it is colour coded. The last thing you or anyone else needs in the middle of the night is to be squinting at a thermometer that you are struggling to read – a quick glance at the gro egg and you can easily tell if the temperature is too cold (blue), just right (yellow), getting a bit too hot (orange) or too hot (red). In those early months when your baby is sleeping in your bedroom with you it is so reassuring to be able to turn over, watch your baby breathing for a little bit (in her Moses basket that is) and note that the gro egg is yellow and displaying a little happy face… Time to turn back over and go back to sleep…I also like the fact that it is mains powered, you can rest assured that the batteries won’t need replacing at the exact time you are trying to put your little one to bed.

Good Points

This shows a gro-egg room thermometer displaying a temperature of 77 degrees celicus. It is coloured red to indicate that the room is too hot

  • It is easy to see at a glance if the area in which you have placed it is cool, just right, warm or too hot.
  • Nice glow- enough to see what your doing but without disturbing the kids.
  • The Gro Egg does exactly what it says on the box
  • Comes with a little pamphlet (safe sleep guide) explaining how to use it, what each colour means and how best to adjust the bedding/clothing if needed.

Negative Points

  • You need to have a power point nearby.
  • The glow isn’t really enough to be an effective nightlight.

What is in the box?

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