Expressing Breast Milk

Expressing breast milk is something many breastfeeding mothers do as it allows others to feed your baby but ensures he/she is still getting all of the natural goodness of your breast. If you are thinking of expressing breast milk then you will have need these questions answered:

How can I express breast milk?

You can express your breast milk by either hand expressing, using a hand pump or using an electric pump. The best time to do this is in the morning when you will have plenty of milk. However, it is perfectly ok to express your breast milk at any time that is convenient to you such as whilst feeding (express the other side), immediatley after feeding your baby or even before a feed.

How should I feed my baby expressed breast milk?

Most parents feed their baby’s expressed breast milk in a bottle. You should always ensure that breastfeeding has been established before you do this (minimum 4 weeks of breastfeeding) as some babies can be put off breast feeding by being introduced to a bottle too early. Remember that all baby feeding equipment should be washed and sterilised before each use. This includes the bottles, teats and breast pump etc. Pre term or ill babies are often fed expressed breast milk from a plastic feeding syringe or special feeding cup.

What if my baby won’t take a bottle?

If you have trouble getting your baby to accept the bottle, you could always try letting someone else give it to her, try a different feeding position to the one you use when you are breastfeeding or if your baby is over 4 months old you could try giving her expressed breastmilk in a soft spouted beaker cup.