This shows the functions of the ns associates digital thermometer/hygrometer, such as clear display, lcd screen, battery operated and one touch control for backlighting

Digital thermometer and hygrometer

This image shows the clear lcd screeb of the ns asscoiates thermometer/hygrometer. The humidity reading is 35% and the temperature is 24.3 degrees celciusThis digital thermometer and hygrometer by NS Associates is small, compact, accurate and easy to use. It may not look like your typical baby room thermometer but is does the job just as well and has some extra features which are also very handy. The unit measures approximately 6cm x 8cm and is white plastic, with a very tiny pink tint to it. The temperature is prominently displayed in the clear, digital LCD screen as is the humidity (that’s the hygrometer bit). The 2 things that I like about this and which make it differ from the other room thermometers that I have reviewed are that it remembers the minimum and maximum readings of both the temperature and humidity. This is very helpful for when your baby is sleeping through the night; I presume that you will also be sleeping so wont be checking the temperature regularly as you might with a newborn who wakes up 2-3 times. By checking what the minimum/maximum temperatures of the previous night were, you can use that information to judge what to dress her in and and what sleeping bag/blankets to use for the following night. It really does give you great peace of mind when you see that the minimum and maximum temperature didn’t exceed the recommended amount (16-20 degrees). I personally think the hygrometer function is a huge plus, the recommended levels of humidity for a standard room is 45-55%, any more than this and you might start to see a build up if damp on your interior walls. This helps you to monitor the humidity of your little ones room simply and easily. For the price you pay for this, I can guarantee you will be happy with it. The batteries are supplied and it is ready to go straight from the box.

Good Points

  • The light is nicely worked out (by a simple touch).
  • Small and compact so does not take up much room.
  • A clear dual temperature and humidity display with Minimum/Maximum memory so you see what your house gets up to while you’re away.

Negative Points

  • Doesn’t look very ‘baby-ish’ when compared with the other baby room thermometers

What is in the box?

  • Thermometer/hygrometer with batteries

Product Features

  • Memory recall stores minimum and maximum levels within every 24 hours.

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