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Britax First Class Plus Car Seat

The Britax First Class Plus Car Seat is Rearward and Forward Facing (Group 0+1), it should be used as a rearward facing car seat from newborn up to 13kg and as forward facing from 13kg -18kg. It is comfortable, safe, practical and easy to use.

The Britax First Class Plus has deep, soft padded wings, performance chest pads and a 100% cotton newborn insert which provides extra comfort and support for your newborn (up to 8kg max). When in forward facing mode, the seat has 5 recline positions and the rearward facing position has been designed to create a more natural (extended recline) sleeping position for your baby.

As you would expect, this car seat complies with the European safety standard ECE R44/04. Keeping your baby rearward facing for as long as possible is the safest way of minimising the consequences of a car crash; this car seat is rearward facing up to 13kg which gives you a little more time of rearward facing when compared with group 0 car seats (10kg max). The First Class Plus has side impact protection, a five point safety harness with ‘one-pull’ adjustment and also has a unique pitch control system which reduces the severity of any sudden forward movement in the event of an accident. It comes with a 2 year warranty which is effective from the date of purchase.

Practicalities and Ease of Use
The Britax First Class Plus car seat has some nice features which ensure ease of use and peace of mind; the click and safe audible harness system lets you know that your baby is properly secured in the car seat, the harness clips help to keep the straps out of the way, making it easier to put your baby in, the spring loaded belt locking mechanism allows for easy installation and to top it all the soft padded cover can easily be removed for washing purposes without having to mess about with removing the harness! (Trust me, that is a big bonus)! So, to round up:

What’s good about the Britax First Class Plus?

  • No need to buy 2 car seats within 12-18 months of each other
  • Allows you to keep baby rearward facing for longer period than standard group 0 car seats
  • 5 Recline positions in forward facing mode
  • Extended recline position for new born babies
  • Comes with newborn insert
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove, washable cover
  • Pitch control system reduces forward movement in an accident
  • Side impact protection
  • Comfortable for newborns and older babies
  • Height of car seats allows children to see out of the car window (in most cars)
  • What could be better?

  • Can be quite fiddly putting your baby in when rearward facing as the belt reduces the space available
  • Who is it good for?

    This is a safe, reliable car seat with the flexibility of rear/forward facing options. If your baby is starting to look too big for his/her rearward facing infant car seat, he/she may be more comfortable in this, meaning more time rearward facing at no additional cost! The Britax First Class Plus Car Seat is available here.

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    Maxi Cosi Opal Car Seat

    The Maxi Cosi Opal Car Seat is what is known as a combination car seat (or group 0+/1), this means that it can be used as both a rearward facing and forward facing car seat. It’s suitable from birth up to 13kg as a rearward facing car seat and from 13kg-18kg as forward facing; this is usually up to approximately three and a half years of age.
    It is recommended that you keep your baby rearward facing for as long as possible, this car seat helps you to do that as it is specifically designed to provide more leg room for your baby. The interior width can also be adjusted to accommodate your growing child as can the height of the headrest; moving the headrest automatically adjusts the height of the harness and there are six positions available to ensure a perfect fit for your baby/child.

    The Maxi Cosi Opal is secured using your usual car seat belt and is designed to be compatible with all cars, there are belt tensioners on both sides of the car seat which protect against incorrect fitting and ensures the car seat is properly secured. There are belt hooks on either side of it which makes things much easier when putting your baby in. You will be pleased to hear that the Maxi Cosi Opal is also very easy to clean – the cover can be removed without having to remove the harness!!
    The Maxi Cosi Opal offers optimal side impact protection which is an essential feature and should never be overlooked. The great thing about this car seat is it will save you money (no need to buy a new car seat once your baby is around 12 months old), your baby will find it snug (includes a removable support pillow and soft padded seat) and comfortable (5 recline positions when in forward facing mode – when rearward facing it is automatically in the reclined position and therefore can not be adjusted). You can rest assured that this car seat has been designed and tested for your baby’s comfort and safety and complies with ECE R44/04 Car seat regulations.

    Good Points

  • Suitable from birth up to approximately 3 1/2 years old
  • Can be kept as rearward facing for longer than most other car seats
  • Easy to install
  • Height and width adjustable; it grows with your child
  • Stylish and comfortable (with multi recline positions, padded seat and removable support cushion)
  • Easy to switch between rearward and forward facing – press a button and spin!
  • No need to buy a second car seat once your baby is 13kg
  • Negative Points

  • The harness can be a bit fiddly to fasten when in rearward facing mode
  • Is not compatible with a travel system (stays in your car permanently)
  • Who is it good for?

    This car seat is ideal if you don’t require a car seat that can be fitted onto a pushchair as part of a travel system. Buying the Maxi Cosi Opal will mean you do not have to buy 2 car seats within 12-18 months of each other. My personal opinion is that it will suit you if you prefer to walk shorter journeys and drive the longer ones (meaning you aren’t continuously getting your baby out of the car and back in again 5 minutes later…) or you are looking to buy the next stage up car seat but want to keep your child rearward facing for as long as possible. The Maxi Cosi Opal is available here.
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    Petite Star Extreme Charisma travel system

    Petite Star Extreme Charisma 3 in 1 Travel system

    The Petite Star Extreme Charisma 3 in 1 Travel system is certainly named appropriately, for this travel system is bursting charisma, charm and style; it’s 3 huge pneumatic tyres, swivel front wheel, bulky frame and one handed fold down contraption will Petite Star Extreme Charisma travel system with car seathave you dreaming about pushing your little one long before your due date. And if that wasn’t enough, you should check out the price!
    This travel system includes the buggy, car seat, pram, rain cover and footmuff, it also comes with a pump for the tyres. It is suitable from birth and will last you right up until your baby no longer needs pushing!
    For newborns you simply attach the carry cot to the frame and you have yourself a comfortable, safe snug pram for your tiny baby, once your little one outgrows this, you can place him/her into the buggy. The buggy comes with its own matching fleece footmuff and can also be adapted to allow more ventilation on a hot day – you do this by folding up the rear ‘skirt’.
    The car seat is group 0+ and is suitable from birth – this can also easily be attached to the pushchair which is essential for when you are moving your sleeping baby from the car. If you like big you will love the Petite Star Extreme Charisma.

    Good Points

    • Easy to assemble
    • One handed folding contraption (very easy to fold)
    • Pneumatic tyres (pump included)
    • Very smooth ride

    Negative Points

    • It is quite heavy
    • Bigger than most travel systems so may not fit in smaller cars

    Who is it good for?

    Petite Star Extreme Charisma travel system with footmuffIf you are an outdoorsy type of parent then the Petite Star Extreme Charisma 3 in 1 Travel system is the perfect choice for you with a price that is unbelievable value. This really is an all weather, all terrain travel system that will help to ensure every walk is an enjoyable, stress free one. If you are keen to do a lot of walking with your baby in the buggy, then this is for you. Similarly, if Daddy wants to push something a little less feminine than other the other pushchairs out there then he will be totally at ease with the Charisma Extreme.

    Buy the Petite Star Extreme Charisma 3 in 1 Travel system

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    petite Star Kuvi Klassic 3 in 1 travel system side view

    Petite Star Kurvi Klassic 3 in 1 Travel system

    The Petite Star Kurvi Klassic 3 in 1 Travel system is a stylish looking 3 in one comprising of a buggy (forward or rearward facing), a car seat and a pram. It is competitively priced and is well designed.

    petite Star Kurvi Klassic 3 in 1 travel system including car seatThe rearward facing car seat is built to EU specification meaning that it offers side impact protection which is absolutely paramount for the safety of your child, the car seat is also very easily attached to the chassis (frame). The buggy and the pram are not two separate pieces as is usually the case with 3 in one travel systems, it is an ingenious design that allows you to simply lower the back and straighten the foot rest for a comfortable, snug, safe pram, and to use it as a buggy- which can be forward or rearward facing, you just lift the footrest, raise the back and you are good to go. This means one less thing to store once your baby grows out of it which for me and for many parents is a huge plus!
    The height of the handlebar can be easily adjusted to accommodate taller parents and it also comes supplied with a good sized rain cover that fits perfectly. The sun shade has two positions so there is no need to completely block your baby’s view on a sunny day if the first position offers sufficient protection.
    The buggy is nicely padded and comfortable and can be reclined from sitting up straight, all the way to lying flat. This buggy will last you for the whole 2-3 years that your little one will need to be pushed around and comes at a very competitive price.
    Dimensions are as follows:
    Folded: 61cm x 94cm x 29cm
    Weight: 10kg

    Good Points

      • Easy to use and to fold down
      • Car seat is built to EU specification offering side impact protection
      • Lightweight
      • Very easy to take the pram out and fit the car seat to the chassis
      • No need for an additional pram (that you won’t use after 6 months!!)
      • Quick release wheels
      • Rain cover is supplied and fits perfectly

    Negative Points

      • Can feel a little wobbly(but not in any way unsafe)

    Who is it good for?

    petite Star Kuvi Klassic 3 in 1 travel systemThis is great if you are looking for a stylish, reliable travel system without the hefty price tag and/or if you are lacking in home storage space!… If you are looking for a 3 in one travel system on a budget then the Petite Star Kurvi Klassic will serve you very well and I don’t foresee any disappointment. Likewise, if you are searching for a travel system that wont take up much space when not being used then this is the one for you. It measures 61cm x 94cm x 29cm when folded, doesn’t have a pram unit that you won’t use after 6 months and as an extra space saving idea; it has detachable wheels. Your baby will be safe and snug and you will have spent your pennies very wisely indeed. Click here for a full product description of the Petite Star Kurvi Klassic (opens in new window – this window will not close).


    Buy the Petite Star Kurvi Klassic 3 in 1 Travel system

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    3-in-1 Travel System by Baby Sportive with Black & Flowers

    3-in-1 Travel System by Baby Sportive

    3-in-1 Travel System by Baby Sportive including car seat and pram to a changing mat, mosquito net, rain cover, bottle holder.The 3-in-1 Travel System by Baby Sportive with Pram, Car Seat, Pushchair and Accessories is absolutely fantastic value. It is lightweight, small enough to fit into most small cars when folded, easy to use and has everything you need; a car seat, a pram, a changing mat, mosquito net, rain cover, bottle holder and much more. The wheels are nice and big which makes for a smoother ride for your baby, if you would like swivel wheels you can order these from the supplier, it costs an additional £16.

    As you know, when your baby is newborn, she will need to lie flat, this travel system is easily converted from a stroller to a pram; you simply adjust the pushchair so that it is flat, lift up the footrest, attach the support bar and ‘hey presto’ you have a pram. This saves having both a push chair attachment and a pram attachment which in turn means one less thing to store “until baby is big enough”.

    If, like me, you want your baby to face towards you when he/she is sleeping and face forwards when he/she is awake and alert then this can be done with minimal fuss or effort. The thing I love most about this travel system is that you can easily change the direction your baby is facing by lifting the handlebars up and over the buggy. As far as I am concerned, every travel system should have this feature! The pushchair also has several recline positions which include a lie flat position.


    • Folded pram with wheels 99x60x56cm
    • Folded pram without wheels 85x59x44cm
    • Overall height of the pram with hood 112cm
    • Carry-cot internal dimension: 72x34x15cm
    • Weight pram: 13kg


    • Removable safety bracket protects from baby falling out
    • Multi-position recline seat (including lie-flat)
    • 5-Point security safety belt
    • Adjustable footrest
    • Pocket at the hood

    Car seat Features

    • 3 Point security safety belt
    • Removable foot cover
    • Seesaw function
    • Ergonomic carrying handle
    • Equipped with a removable hood
    • European Safety Standard ECE R44-04.

    Other Features

    • Adjustable suspension (at the back)
    • Height adjustable pushchair handle (70-113cm)
    • Strong reciprocal brakes
    • Weather resistant materials
    • Integrated reflectors for a better visibility
    • Viewing window at the hood
    • Spacious shopping basket
    • 12 months guarantee

    Customer reviews

    The 3-in-1 Travel System by Baby Sportive has some excellent reviews, the only negative I can find is that swivel wheels aren’t standard. This travel system is a great product at a fantastic price. Here is a round up of the most recent reviews:

    Good points

    • Lightweight, strong, robust and very well built
    • Easily adjust the direction your baby is facing by moving the handlebars over the buggy
    • Height of handlebars can be easily adjusted
    • The colour and fabric are good quality
    • Comes with everything you need (changing mat, mosquito net, rain cover, bottle holder, bag)
    • Excellent value!

    Negative Points

    • Instructions could be easier to read
    • Does not have swivel wheels as standard

    Who is it good for?

    This travel system is unbelievable value with no compromise on quality. Why pay £400 for a travel system when you can get everything you need plus more for under half of that! This is my best buy for those looking for a quality travel system without the top end price.

    This has now been discontinued…See my updated best budget buy here

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