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Happy Mum and Dad

Tips for a Dad to be

These tips for Dads to be is humorous, honest, interesting and pretty sound advice. Check them out:

  • Hormone mania: Your wife’s hormones will be all over the place, if you thought women were hard to understand before pregnancy, you are in for a shock. And the thing is, just  when you think you have cracked it and her figured out – Boom! You are in for another shock. This is particularly true during the first trimester.
  • I agree: Your pregnant wife is always right. Even when she is wrong. And if you agree with her, which you have to (even when she is wrong) then it is your fault if she is wrong. (Which she never is).
  • Man up: Help out around the house. Ask your wife what needs doing and do it. Try and get into a new routine where you can incorporate household chores into your busy life – clean the bathroom before taking a shower or load/unload the dishwasher whilst making a well deserved cup of tea.
  • Join in, share a laugh: if ever there was a time where you could have a burping competition with your wife. This is it. Loser makes the tea. (See above, do the dishwasher whilst you are at it).
  • Let the good times roll: It has been said that women have an increased sex drive during their 2nd trimester. If this is the case then enjoy every single minute of it. I can not guarantee when the next opportunity will be.
  • Share the news: The beginning of the second trimester is a good time to tell your boss you are expecting a small bundle of joy. Find out about paternity leave and what other local arrangements you can make such as taking leave etc.
  • But I really wanted a….: Gender disappointment can happen. Firstly, be prepared for it and secondly talk to your partner about it. It is not that you are disappointed, more likely that you were expecting it to be the opposite. There is nothing like being a Dad to a boy or a girl. Believe me!
  • Be involved from the very beginning: wherever possible, go to each and every appointment, the baby may be growing inside your wife but you are doing this together and you are a Dad from the very beginning, not just once your baby is born.
  • Do some research: Find out about your wife’s options when it comes to giving birth. What do the words C-section, induction, birth plan and natural mean to you? Go find out.
  • Look after yourself: Stay fit. Or get fit. Don’t think that you need to gain weight just because your wife is. It will be harder for you to lose in the long run.
  • Yeah it’s weird, but you’ve got to get it: You’ve heard about cravings right? Well they are pretty real, and if your partner needs something, she will love you forever if you go out at crazy o’clock and get it. Drive safely.
  • Now that’s love: Your partner would seriously appreciate a foot massage.
  • Compliments to the one you love: Your partners body is changing. You will notice it and more importantly of all, your partner will notice every single change. You have never loved her more. And she is more beautiful than ever because she is carrying the person you have made together. She may need to be reminded of this. Go tell her she is beautiful.
  • How are you goes a long way: Never forget to ask how your partner is and listen intently. Like it is the only thing in the universe that is worth knowing.
  • Pamper (not Pampers): As well as the foot massage as featured above, don’t forget to be the romantic you truly are; love letters, flowers, text messages telling her how happy you are. These are all essential. Don’t forget them.
  • A little persuader: did you know that sex can induce labour? Just thought id throw that one out there. As I have previously said, I can not guarantee when the chance will next arise…
  • Hang on in there: if you don’t feel like you have a connection with the baby whilst your partner is pregnant then stress not. You will probably not have an immediate connection when the baby is born either. But trust me on this – your partner and your baby need you more than you will ever know so give them your all and you will reap the rewards.
  • Get organised: go through your partners checklist (she will have one) and make sure you have your own bag packed. This needs to include cameras, chargers, money, drink, toothbrush , toothpaste and some snacks for the both of you. Imagine that you have been awake for 24 hours, what will you need? Don’t forget to keep the car topped up with fuel either.
  • Question time: Your partner will have lots of questions she will either need answers too or need reassuring about. Do your nest to find the answers for her or find them together and reassure her all you can. The more you know, the better the experience will be for you too! And never be too shy or too embarrassed to ask the midwife!
  • Safety first!: You should have a new car seat in your car before the baby is born and you should be confident with how to fix it, how to attach it and how to strap baby in. Never compromise on  car seat safety.
  • She’ll get by with a little help form her friend…(you): Help your partner with all the things she can’t do. This is likely to be tying shoe laces or putting boots on, but could also be cutting her toenails (or painting them)…pretty much anything to do with reaching her feet. Enjoy!
  • Fail to prepare? Prepare to panic! Never be too far away as the due date approaches and wherever you are, always know the quickest way to the hospital.

This post was written by a real dad as he prepared for his baby’s arrival. We hope you enjoyed it and feel free to submit your posts for consideration. Comments are always welcome.

Top 10 girls and boys names in the UK 2014

This is a list if the top ten girls and boys names in the UK in 2014 with their meanings and movement from 2013 indicated. For some it will be a list to avoid, for others it will be the only list to choose from…

Top ten girls’ names for 2014

  1. Sophia (+2) – Wisdom
  2. Emily (-) – Admiring
  3. Lily (+1) – Lilly flower
  4. Olivia (-3) – Peace (of the olive tree)
  5. Amelia (+2) – Industrious
  6. Isla (+2) – Island
  7. Isabella (-2) – Consecrated to God
  8. Ava (+2) – 
  9. Sophie (-)
  10. Chloe (+1)

Top ten boys’ names for 2014

  1. Muhammad (+27)
  2. Oliver (-1)
  3. Jack (-1)
  4. Noah (+5)
  5. Jacob (+2)
  6. Charlie (-3)
  7. Harry (-3)
  8. Joshua (+4)
  9. James (+1)
  10. Ethan (-2)

(Meanings coming shortly)

Tips on coping with morning sickness

Congratulations! You are pregnant. But you are sick. So very sick. Here are our top ten tips on coping with ‘morning sickness’

Rest – easier said than done, particularly if you have a child already but rest will help more than anything else. Ask for help, get some support and prioritise your and your baby’s health by resting as much as you need to.

Biscuits in bed – When you go to bed each night take up with you a glass of water and some dry food suck as crackers or biscuits. The dry food will help to settle your tummy and water will rehydrate you.

Sickness bands– These wrist bands work by applying pressure to the Nei-Kuan acupressure point, acupressure is the application of pressure to acupuncture points on the body. A band is the preferred method when the pressure needs to be constant over an extended period of time, as is the case with morning sickness. Please bear in mind that results vary from person to person.

Stay hydrated – staying hydrated can help to keep nausea at bay. The best way of staying hydrated is to drink water, little and often throughout the day.

Fizzy drink – some people find fizzy drink helps. You will have to work out what works for you with this one. Some prefer to leave it to go flat whilst others find drinks with ginger in them help. If you do find yourself drinking carbonated drinks, keep an eye on your caffeine intake. You should have a maximum of 200mg of caffeine a day.

Eat your way through it – You may find this difficult but eating fruit and proteins such as peanut butter and turkey sandwiches. This won’t prevent the nausea, but it won’t make you feel any worse and will definitely help with your energy levels during the sickness period and after.

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