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BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000

BT Digital video baby monitor 1000 with baby displayed on monitor screen

The BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 sees the introduction of British Telecom to the video monitor market. Having previously won awards for the design of their audible monitors I would expect innovative features and well designed essentials. This is exactly what BT has attempted to do, unfortunately some of the features don’t quite match up to its more expensive counterparts but that’s not to say this isn’t a good buy for someone who needs a digital video baby monitor at around the £100 mark.

The LCD screen is 2.8 inches which does exactly what you need it to do; during the day, a full colour video will be transmitted in real time to the monitor and it automatically switches to infra red mode when it is too dark to produce good quality colour vision. In night time mode, the video images are black and white (as they are on all video monitors that have night vision); the image of your baby sleeping in black and white is vivid enough to be able to make out if your baby is safe in her bed and also clear enough to see if she is asleep (which is practically all you need night vision for). The image tends to become slightly grainy if you use the zoom option whilst in night vision mode but as long as you have positioned the camera correctly, I can’t personally see any reason why you would need to do this, so for me it isn’t really too much of an issue.

The range of the Baby Monitor 1000 is 50m indoors and a massive 300m outdoors and there are no problems to report about any interference with wifi connections. The monitor has been heavily tested to ensure this. The parent unit can be used whilst plugged in or on rechargeable batteries and boasts a feature which is not available on most other video monitors: you can adjust the sensitivity settings so that the video monitor screen only springs into life when there is a noise, this saves battery life and helps parents who find themselves watching monitor screens more than anything else in the evenings! (Other video monitors tend to need you to manually switch the monitor screen on when running on battery power).

Talking of battery life, a fully charged parent unit will last a good 12 hours or so (as long as you have adjusted the sensitivity as stated above) so is perfect for charging at night and and using on battery power during the day. Much like the Motorola MBP33 and MBP36 this monitor has 5 lullabies Pre programmed into the unit to help to soothe your little one, unfortunately these can’t be switched on via the parent unit so would mean having to go into your baby’s room and manually press the button, surely the idea of playing lullabies is that you can soothe your little one back to sleep without having to go into him (as this often results in him wanting to be picked up). I think there is definitely room for improvement there.

There is a talk back function which works well and is easy operate and the parent unit also displays the ambient room temperature (as recorded by the camera unit). I love the fact that you can program in your ideal room temperature and the monitor will warn you should this temperature be reached, this definitely helps with your peace of mind as you know that not only is your baby being monitored but the room temperature is too!

You can also add upto 3 additional monitors but unfortunately this seems to result in a loss of sound so not a unit I would recommend if you are thinking of expanding. All in all, this is a decent, reliable video monitor with all the essentials covered (good picture, night vision, long range, talk back). There is room for improvement on a couple of the features but this shouldn’t put you off buying it if you aren’t planning on using them (this is very reasonably priced). If you want one camera and aren’t too worried about playing lullabies through it then you can’t go wrong with the BT Digital video baby monitor 1000

Customer reviews

Good points

  • Extra long range and no wifi interference issues
  • Automatically switches to night mode
  • displays ambient room temperature with adjustable/programmable maximum temperature warning
  • Sound activated video monitoring option

Negative Points

  • unable to listen to your baby when using additional cameras
  • You have to manually switch on the lullabies from the camera unit rather than remotely

What is in the box?

  • 1 x Camera unit for the baby’s room
  • 1 x Parent unit for you
  • 1 x Rechargeable battery for your Parent unit
  • 1 x Battery compartment cover for your Parent unit
  • 2 x Mains power adaptors
  • 1 x Full user guide to talk you through your Video Baby Monitor
  • 1 x Wall mounting bracket
  • 2 x Screws
  • 2 x Wall plugs

Product Features

  • 2.8 inch LCD colour screen
  • Huge range of up to 300m
  • Room temperature display
  • Option to add up to 4 additional cameras
  • No interference with your broadband router or other DECT baby monitors.
  • Talk-back feature
  • Built in lullabies
  • Rechargeable Batteries or Mains powered

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