This is a picture of the brother max ray bath thermometer against a white background. The product is aqua coloured and is showing a reading of 36 fegrees celcius

Brother Max Ray Bath and Room Thermometer

This image shows the aqua coloured brother max ray thermometer in the bath surrounded by bubbles and water. It shows a reading of 29 degrees and is indicating that it is coldThe Brother Max Ray Bath and Room Thermometer is cute and accurate, fun and reassuring and safe and reliable. It is easy to use and also doubles up as a fun toy for your baby. It is battery operated which means it is very portable and ideal for checking the ambient temperature of different parts of your baby’s nursery or even different parts of your house. You and your little one can play with ‘Ray’ in the tub and know that beneath his fun exterior he is working hard, constantly measuring the water temperature. Ray is ready to go straight from the box, in fact, you could quite literally take him out of the box, put him in the bath and have an accurate reading within seconds. The Brother Max Ray is fully waterproof as you would expect and doesn’t flip over the wrong way when swished about in the water as other digital bath thermometers tend to do sometimes. He reacts quickly to changes in the water temperature (i.e. when you are adding the hot water) and it is reassuring to see the LCD display change almost instantly when you do this or to blink HOT if you have accidentally put too much hot in or if there is a hotspot. I would recommend this product to be used firstly as a for the bath and secondly as a spare/additional room thermometer. For the price you pay for the Brother Max Ray, you probably can’t go wrong – no matter what you want him for.

Good Points

  • Easy to useThis shows the brother max ray in its packaging, it is pyramid shaped with the product facing outwards from a clear plastic carton
  • Responds quickly to changes in the temperature
  • Blinks HOT if the water is above 39 degrees C
  • Doubles up as a fun toy
  • Easily portable for measuring room temperature

Negative Points

  • Nothing in place to warn you if the room is too hot

What is in the box?

Product Features

  • Digital LCD display with hot warning for parents
  • Recommended temperatures clearly indicated on the screen
  • Accurately reads both bath and room temperature
  • Doubles up as a safe toy

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  1. I brought a brother max 2 in one bath and bedroom thermometer and it’s not working I’ve tried everything to get it to work

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