Britax First Class Plus Car Seat

The Britax First Class Plus Car Seat is Rearward and Forward Facing (Group 0+1), it should be used as a rearward facing car seat from newborn up to 13kg and as forward facing from 13kg -18kg. It is comfortable, safe, practical and easy to use.

The Britax First Class Plus has deep, soft padded wings, performance chest pads and a 100% cotton newborn insert which provides extra comfort and support for your newborn (up to 8kg max). When in forward facing mode, the seat has 5 recline positions and the rearward facing position has been designed to create a more natural (extended recline) sleeping position for your baby.

As you would expect, this car seat complies with the European safety standard ECE R44/04. Keeping your baby rearward facing for as long as possible is the safest way of minimising the consequences of a car crash; this car seat is rearward facing up to 13kg which gives you a little more time of rearward facing when compared with group 0 car seats (10kg max). The First Class Plus has side impact protection, a five point safety harness with ‘one-pull’ adjustment and also has a unique pitch control system which reduces the severity of any sudden forward movement in the event of an accident. It comes with a 2 year warranty which is effective from the date of purchase.

Practicalities and Ease of Use
The Britax First Class Plus car seat has some nice features which ensure ease of use and peace of mind; the click and safe audible harness system lets you know that your baby is properly secured in the car seat, the harness clips help to keep the straps out of the way, making it easier to put your baby in, the spring loaded belt locking mechanism allows for easy installation and to top it all the soft padded cover can easily be removed for washing purposes without having to mess about with removing the harness! (Trust me, that is a big bonus)! So, to round up:

What’s good about the Britax First Class Plus?

  • No need to buy 2 car seats within 12-18 months of each other
  • Allows you to keep baby rearward facing for longer period than standard group 0 car seats
  • 5 Recline positions in forward facing mode
  • Extended recline position for new born babies
  • Comes with newborn insert
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove, washable cover
  • Pitch control system reduces forward movement in an accident
  • Side impact protection
  • Comfortable for newborns and older babies
  • Height of car seats allows children to see out of the car window (in most cars)
  • What could be better?

  • Can be quite fiddly putting your baby in when rearward facing as the belt reduces the space available
  • Who is it good for?

    This is a safe, reliable car seat with the flexibility of rear/forward facing options. If your baby is starting to look too big for his/her rearward facing infant car seat, he/she may be more comfortable in this, meaning more time rearward facing at no additional cost! The Britax First Class Plus Car Seat is available here.

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