Baby Room Thermometer Guide

Room thermometer guide - Compare room thermometers, owl on gro eggA baby room thermometer  is a product that is usually bought in preparation for your baby’s birth but it is never too late to start using one! In my opinion they are as essential as a new mattress and a baby monitor – it helps to ensure a safe sleeping environment and gives you peace of mind in the middle of the night. I would only ever recommend using a digital thermometer, they are much more accurate than analogue ones and protect against tired parents misreading it – particularly in the dark of the night when you are half asleep. Many monitors come with in-built thermometers but they are not always reliable as the heat from the camera can often result in a false high reading.

If you are thinking of buying a room thermometer for the nursery, you are probably of the same mind set as me and don’t completely trust the cardboard ones that are supplied free with sleeping bags or are available for a few pound, I much prefer a more accurate, digital reading. Here is a list of my favourite baby room thermometers and an easy to read guide to their best bits and links to reviews and instructions

Compare room thermometers

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Make and ModelDocumentationCurrent Price £% 4/5 Star RatingsOther featuresBatteriesDigital
Philips AVENT SCH550/20user manual£09.8570%Also a bath thermometer2 x LR44YES
Brother Max Rayinstructions£09.9973%Also a bath thermometer1 x CR2032 (included)YES
Thermometer/hygrometerN/A£12.9981%Also a HygrometerYesYES
Gro-EggInstructions£14.9974%Changes colour to indicate temperatureUK Mains powered adaptor (supplied)YES
Mebby Mothers TouchN/A£19.9999%Also reads baby's forehead temperature1 x CR2032YES
Brother Max One Touchusers manual£26.5051%Also reads baby's head and ear temperature2 x AAAYES