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Graco Mosaic Travel System Sport Luxe

The Graco Mosaic Travel System Sport Luxe ticks all of the boxes when it comes to safety, comfort, ease of use and price!


This travel system includes The Graco Junior baby car seat, this is a group 0+ which is suitable from birth up to 13kg. It has side impact protection, a 3 point harness and a ‘correct position’ indicator that allows you to check that the car seat is fitted at the correct angle. The Graco Mosaic pushchair complies with EN1888:2003, has a 5 point harness and the fabrics have been tested for toxicity, flammability and colorfastness.


The car seat comes with a new born head support which can easily be removed when your baby no longer needs it. The Mosaic pushchair is lightweight and easy to push, it has a one click brake which is easy to operate and soft grip handles, for baby it has a fully padded seat, a 5 position seat recline and a full lie flat position for new born babies. It also has an adjustable calf support to ensure maximum comfort.

Ease of use

The Graco Junior car seat simply clicks onto the Mosaic pushchair making it an easy to use, easy to attach travel system, it also has machine washable, removable covers. The pushchair is quite compact when folded so easy to store and shouldn’t be a problem for most car boots. The thing that you will love most about this is the one second, one handed fold that allows you to easily and quickly fold your pushchair, even whilst holding your little one!

What’s to love about the Graco Mosaic

  • Quick and easy to fold using one hand
  • Lightweight
  • Compact when folded
  • Easy to operate, one click brakes
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth to push
  • Car seat easily clips on
  • High quality fabric – washable and looks fantastic

Any room for improvement?

  • The rain cover and footmuff are not included – these are available separately

Who is it good for?

I recommend this travel system for parents who don’t want a big bulky pushchair and who may sometimes travel on public transport, the one second, one handed fold down mechanism is great for this. All in all, this is a fantastic price for a comfortable, reliable, sturdy, easy to use, safe travel system. Check the price and availability of the Graco Mosaic Travel System Sport Luxe
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Should I Take Iron Tablets During Pregnancy?

Taking daily iron supplements during pregnancy can reduce the chances of anaemia and of you having a low birth weight baby.

Iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of anaemia in pregnant women and previous studies have suggested that there could be a link between anaemia and low birth weight. A recent study by Harvard university found that taking iron supplements – even small amounts, reduced the risk of low birth weight by 3% and anaemia by 12%. There was no link identified between taking iron supplements and a reduction in premature births.
The British medical journal recently analysed over 90 trials involving pregnant women from all over the world and concluded the following:

  • For every additional 10mg of iron taken each day (up to a maximum of 66mg per day), the risks of anaemia and low birth weight decreased
  • Birth weight was found to increase by 15g with each 10mg of iron taken per day
  • Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anaemia during pregnancy, particularly in low and middle income countries

The world health organisation currently recommends 60mg of iron a day for pregnant women

In the UK, women’s iron levels are measured at key points during pregnancy, usually at booking and again at 28 weeks. If iron levels are found to be normal, there is currently no requirement to recommend iron supplements. If iron levels are found to be low, you may then be given dietary advice or advised to take iron supplements.

Anaemia affects 1.62 billion people globally, corresponding to 24.8% of the world population. Iron deficiency is the most common cause and even in the developed world an estimated 30- 40% of preschool children and pregnant women have iron depletion.

Dietary changes alone are insufficient to correct iron deficiency anaemia, if you are thinking of trying for a baby, you should look closely at your diet and ensure you are eating enough iron rich foods.

The Royal College of Midwives state that there is perhaps a need here in the UK for us to focus on ensuring better pre-conception health, so that women contemplating pregnancy can adjust their diet to include appropriate nutrients before becoming pregnant.”

Did you take iron supplements during your pregnancy? Did you have low iron levels? Do you think all pregnant women should be advised to take iron supplements or is the current advice in the UK sufficient?

I leave you with one last quote from BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology before you decide whether or not to take iron tablets/supplements.

Anaemia in women is often associated with low birth-weight and pre-term births but that does not mean that women should be popping iron pills, or any vitamin pills, indiscriminately. Women who are not suffering from anaemia should ensure that they receive proper advice on diet and nutrition.

My aim was to provide you with enough information for you to make an informed decision, I hope I have been able to help.

Graco Mirage Travel System with car seat

Graco Mirage Travel System

The Graco Mirage Travel System is the best selling Graco travel system, the car seat is group 0+ which means it is suitable from birth up to 13kg, it has side impact protection, a padded head support for newborns and the cover is easily removed for washing.
Graco Mirage Travel System with car seatThe pushchair is suitable from birth up to approximately 3 years (15kg), it is light to push, has lockable front wheels and can also be folded down easily with one hand – this only takes around a second (once you have practised a couple of times) and can be done whilst holding your baby if need be as it locks shut automatically. The Graco Mirage can be stored upright once it has been folded so helps to save space if you keep your buggy indoors.
The Mirage has 3 recline positions (including lying flat) and the car seat simply clips onto the frame using the Graco one click system. All in all the Graco Mirage is a snug, safe, affordable, reliable travel system.

The best things about the Graco Mirage

  • Extremely easy to fold down and to open
  • Easy to steer
  • Doesn’t tip backwards when you hang a bag on and don’t yet have your baby in it
  • The car seat simply ‘clicks in’ to attach to the buggy
  • Attractive, compact and durable
  • Light to push
  • Excellent value for money

What could be better?

  • The buggy is slightly on the heavy side (but light to push)
  • The sun canopy on the car seat has to be handled with care, otherwise it could detach and need to be clipped back on

Is it right for you?

Graco Mirage Travel System buggy forward facingThe Graco Mirage Travel System is fantastic value and is ideal for you if you need something sturdy, compact and easy to use. Be that walking country roads, trips to the farm, navigating the shopping centre or getting on and off buses and tubes; the durability, usability and compactness of the Graco Mirage will ensure all of your trips are stress free and enjoyable, I particularly recommend this if you are just as likely to use public transport as you are to use a car.

Buy the Graco Mirage Travel System


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Britax First Class Plus Car Seat

The Britax First Class Plus Car Seat is Rearward and Forward Facing (Group 0+1), it should be used as a rearward facing car seat from newborn up to 13kg and as forward facing from 13kg -18kg. It is comfortable, safe, practical and easy to use.

The Britax First Class Plus has deep, soft padded wings, performance chest pads and a 100% cotton newborn insert which provides extra comfort and support for your newborn (up to 8kg max). When in forward facing mode, the seat has 5 recline positions and the rearward facing position has been designed to create a more natural (extended recline) sleeping position for your baby.

As you would expect, this car seat complies with the European safety standard ECE R44/04. Keeping your baby rearward facing for as long as possible is the safest way of minimising the consequences of a car crash; this car seat is rearward facing up to 13kg which gives you a little more time of rearward facing when compared with group 0 car seats (10kg max). The First Class Plus has side impact protection, a five point safety harness with ‘one-pull’ adjustment and also has a unique pitch control system which reduces the severity of any sudden forward movement in the event of an accident. It comes with a 2 year warranty which is effective from the date of purchase.

Practicalities and Ease of Use
The Britax First Class Plus car seat has some nice features which ensure ease of use and peace of mind; the click and safe audible harness system lets you know that your baby is properly secured in the car seat, the harness clips help to keep the straps out of the way, making it easier to put your baby in, the spring loaded belt locking mechanism allows for easy installation and to top it all the soft padded cover can easily be removed for washing purposes without having to mess about with removing the harness! (Trust me, that is a big bonus)! So, to round up:

What’s good about the Britax First Class Plus?

  • No need to buy 2 car seats within 12-18 months of each other
  • Allows you to keep baby rearward facing for longer period than standard group 0 car seats
  • 5 Recline positions in forward facing mode
  • Extended recline position for new born babies
  • Comes with newborn insert
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove, washable cover
  • Pitch control system reduces forward movement in an accident
  • Side impact protection
  • Comfortable for newborns and older babies
  • Height of car seats allows children to see out of the car window (in most cars)
  • What could be better?

  • Can be quite fiddly putting your baby in when rearward facing as the belt reduces the space available
  • Who is it good for?

    This is a safe, reliable car seat with the flexibility of rear/forward facing options. If your baby is starting to look too big for his/her rearward facing infant car seat, he/she may be more comfortable in this, meaning more time rearward facing at no additional cost! The Britax First Class Plus Car Seat is available here.

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    Maxi Cosi Opal Car Seat

    The Maxi Cosi Opal Car Seat is what is known as a combination car seat (or group 0+/1), this means that it can be used as both a rearward facing and forward facing car seat. It’s suitable from birth up to 13kg as a rearward facing car seat and from 13kg-18kg as forward facing; this is usually up to approximately three and a half years of age.
    It is recommended that you keep your baby rearward facing for as long as possible, this car seat helps you to do that as it is specifically designed to provide more leg room for your baby. The interior width can also be adjusted to accommodate your growing child as can the height of the headrest; moving the headrest automatically adjusts the height of the harness and there are six positions available to ensure a perfect fit for your baby/child.

    The Maxi Cosi Opal is secured using your usual car seat belt and is designed to be compatible with all cars, there are belt tensioners on both sides of the car seat which protect against incorrect fitting and ensures the car seat is properly secured. There are belt hooks on either side of it which makes things much easier when putting your baby in. You will be pleased to hear that the Maxi Cosi Opal is also very easy to clean – the cover can be removed without having to remove the harness!!
    The Maxi Cosi Opal offers optimal side impact protection which is an essential feature and should never be overlooked. The great thing about this car seat is it will save you money (no need to buy a new car seat once your baby is around 12 months old), your baby will find it snug (includes a removable support pillow and soft padded seat) and comfortable (5 recline positions when in forward facing mode – when rearward facing it is automatically in the reclined position and therefore can not be adjusted). You can rest assured that this car seat has been designed and tested for your baby’s comfort and safety and complies with ECE R44/04 Car seat regulations.

    Good Points

  • Suitable from birth up to approximately 3 1/2 years old
  • Can be kept as rearward facing for longer than most other car seats
  • Easy to install
  • Height and width adjustable; it grows with your child
  • Stylish and comfortable (with multi recline positions, padded seat and removable support cushion)
  • Easy to switch between rearward and forward facing – press a button and spin!
  • No need to buy a second car seat once your baby is 13kg
  • Negative Points

  • The harness can be a bit fiddly to fasten when in rearward facing mode
  • Is not compatible with a travel system (stays in your car permanently)
  • Who is it good for?

    This car seat is ideal if you don’t require a car seat that can be fitted onto a pushchair as part of a travel system. Buying the Maxi Cosi Opal will mean you do not have to buy 2 car seats within 12-18 months of each other. My personal opinion is that it will suit you if you prefer to walk shorter journeys and drive the longer ones (meaning you aren’t continuously getting your baby out of the car and back in again 5 minutes later…) or you are looking to buy the next stage up car seat but want to keep your child rearward facing for as long as possible. The Maxi Cosi Opal is available here.
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