4 parenting styles- which one are you?

Quiet life? No limits? No responsibilities? Your stress-free life and all other well-planned actions go surprisingly in ‘another’ direction when you become a parent. Most people think they can learn from the mistakes of their parents but it’s not quite possible to do this unless of course, you actually become a parent yourself. If you think 9 months pregnancy is difficult for you? Believe me, it’s nothing. The real test starts after 9 months and it takes all of your focus, energy and drive to raise a child that you can be proud of.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them” – Magic Johnson

When you become a parent, prepare yourself for surprises because things will not always go the way you plan, in fact, most likely it will go the way your child thinks. You will need to gather all of your courage, use all of your effort, remain determined and be very very resilient if you are to even get close to raising your child flawlessly. Here are some typical parenting styles, which one would you like to be and which one is you?

Detached Parenting

Unlike most of the parents, these parents are neglectful, cold and detached from their children. They have no interest in fulfilling the basic life requirements of their children and expect them to be raised on their own. Such parents often suffer from mental health problems. It can result in children’s total detachment with their parents, poor academic performance, incorrect career choice, and stressful and insecure life.

“Parents are teachers, guides, leaders, protectors, and providers for their children.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Helicopter Parenting

“I can do anything to make my child safe and disciplined” This is the basic rule of helicopter parenting.

Roaming around the children like a shadow and making them feel like they have been pointed at a gun point all the time. Each and every decision will be made by the parents. Their career direction, dressing style, likes and dislikes, study schedule, exercise routine, playing routine and all other major and minor things are decided by their parents with no alone time. Such authoritative behavior of such parents can either bring all the positives within the children in the form of background safety and free to take risks in life or backfire in the form of laziness, unnecessary self-awareness, no decision making power, anxiety, overcompensation, underdeveloped skills and no sense of entitlement in life.

Digital Parenting

Smartphones, iPads, internet, social media and what not! Use technology for effective and convenient parenting. This is the most advanced form of parenting. No matter where parents are, they are always connected to their children. Traditional parents cannot save your from modern forms of wrongdoings such as cyber bullying and drug addiction but this parenting type knows how to handle their children in modern life. They use different kinds of applications in order to ensure safety of their children. They are more open to positive discussions and quite accommodating to their children.

Realistic Parenting

Do what you want to do! But be responsible and learn from your mistakes. These are the parents who induce confidence in their children and allow them to take on the world the way they want to. Such parents don’t expect their children to be perfect. They are flexible, realistic and have lesser expectations from their children. This type of parenting often results in extraordinary confidence and positive decision making skills to their children. Here are some famous and popular quotations from realistic parents:

“Don’t give up until it’s done”

“Follow your passion”

“Don’t ever compare yourself to others. You have your own unique life script to pursue”

“Respect yourself and have confidence”